from by Kris Dubenic



Born in the clouds
Ignorance is bliss
I slowly become
Aware of my surroundings

and after years of distraction I finally see
that I'm falling
The vultures fly beside me
as if they were my friend
but they keep me falling until the end

for each one born is another meal
so they're kept unaware of what is real

If you close your eyes you will know never
but is having them open even better?


from FIND., released August 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Kris Dubenic Illinois

Living in WA, Kris Dubenic is a musician that blends the organic world with the electronic. With frequent pairings of synthesis, acoustic instruments, and his voice, he creates a unique sound while portraying raw emotion. His passion for the environment and animals, his desire to explore and find himself, and the emotional catharsis ever-present makes his music very vulnerable and genuine. ... more

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