from by Kris Dubenic



I am a coward for not saying what I needed to
to you
I'm ruled by fear that I'll never feel for you
the way you feel for me
My perception skewed a long long time ago
When I found out nothing lasts

Two lonely souls seeking refuge
in a false idea of love
Desire for perfection perpetuated by fiction
We've been conditioned

I refuse the situation
and replace with sensation
In an endless spiral downward
I truly am a coward

I don't see things the same way everyone wants me to
and neither do you
We're unorthodox out of the box
We can't be beaten into submission

There's no place for fear
life is defeating but also fleeting
(Free me from this flesh
bring this pain to rest)

Trying to find the infinite in the finite
The light in the night
There's gotta be something
Please let there be something...

This place I've gone
Is there any way out?
This person I've become
Is there any way out?
There's no way out.


from FIND., released August 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Kris Dubenic Illinois

Living in WA, Kris Dubenic is a musician that blends the organic world with the electronic. With frequent pairings of synthesis, acoustic instruments, and his voice, he creates a unique sound while portraying raw emotion. His passion for the environment and animals, his desire to explore and find himself, and the emotional catharsis ever-present makes his music very vulnerable and genuine. ... more

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